Stone Soup for Five: 31 Days of REAL--Day 3

31 Days of REAL--Day 3

When I was a teen we gardened an acre of land with everything you could grow in the north Idaho panhandle.

And I really enjoyed it.

When I grew up and moved back home to Oregon
I tried raised bed gardening.
I was bored 3 weeks into it when the slugs mowed everything down like it was never there. 

A couple years of that battle and I dug those beds up, 
planted bark dust and tried containers.
With flowers.

Just flowers.

Not even seeds, but starts.

I had visions of this:


After buying them, and bringing them home...
and letting them "acclimate" in the grocery bag on my porch until they're limp and dry.

And then planting them, drowning them, and perking them up again...
I'm so over it.

And they require water.
and pinching.
and CARE.


Every year.
About 2 weeks after planting.
I'm okay with it.

My pots of dead flowers do not determine my worth.


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