Stone Soup for Five: 31 days of real--Day 15

31 days of real--Day 15

For today's REAL I will take you along on a unplanned, impromptu Date Adventure that Mr. Measure and I went on yesterday.

But first, you must know, that I am an "activator".

When I figure out what we're going to do, I want to START RIGHT NOW!  And then figure out all the details while we're DOING.  (Mr. Measure is NOT an activator.)

So, my rough plan was to do a cheap and fun adventure date.

I spent about 10 min on the computer mapping it all out.... and found out that we could take the MAX light rail to the Oregon Zoo and walk about half a mile (.3) through the woods to the Japanese Garden, then walk back, hop back on the Max and finish our trip out with a visit to the food carts downtown, then the Chinese Gardens.  Great! 

But first, always start with coffee.

And get the free passes from the library.

Board the Max (which was late, because someone brilliantly decided it would be a great idea to drive his car down the tracks and shear off a Max power pole earlier that morning)...

And head out on our short little walk through serene woods to the Japanese Garden... but realize 2.5 miles into this walk a few things:

1.  This is a lot longer than .3 miles--closer to THREE miles, maybe I should have looked at the map closer.

2.  The time I spent making myself "pretty" for our date was now officially pointless and my hair is twice as big with frizz.

3.  I dressed completely inappropriately for this little fun jaunt and am now sporting sweaty armpits and forehead sheen.

But we did eventually make it and had a great time with just the two of us.

 We took the bus back to the Max, made it downtown to the food carts and had a delicious (and very VERY late) lunch.  And because of the poorly planned 53 mile hike through the woods earlier, didn't have time to make it to the Chinese Gardens.  I guess we'll wait till the next Activator Impromptu Date for that one.

And in true form, as soon as we pulled into the driveway, before we could even get OUT of the van, the boys swarmed and surrounded us with their question of "What's for DINNER?!"

(I rolled up the window and locked the doors... but they wouldn't go away.)

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