Stone Soup for Five: 31 days of REAL--Day #1

31 days of REAL--Day #1

In October, I'm going to try to post a daily photo of real life around the Stone Soup household.
I think it will be fun to show you how REAL life can get around here and how completely imperfectly we live this life of ours.
To start off, here's our homeschool lunch today:

Yes that's a McDonald's large size soda.
Yes that's Little Caesar's $5 pizza.
And yes, my sons thought it needed a bag of fritos to go with it.

We opened a checking account for my oldest and deposited his first paycheck, and it took so long we grabbed a pizza on the way home, and a soda for him and I.  Plus, I was feeling bleh and crampy...

And yes, they were using their school work as placemats.


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