Stone Soup for Five: Monday Minute--Use your Fives!

Monday Minute--Use your Fives!

This morning I was behind before I even got up.

We had a late night, and I didn't make Mr. Measure's sandwiches the night before.
I didn't do the dishes.
I didn't fill and program the coffee maker.
I didn't start the dishwasher.
Laundry is overflowing.

So, while the coffee was brewing I thought I'd go as fast as I could and see what I could get done.
I made the sandwiches.
I started a load of laundry.
AND, I loaded the dirty dishes and started the dishwasher.
All before the coffee finished.

I was shocked!

Today, if you are already feeling behind, find five minutes and work as hard and as fast as you can getting something (or many things done). 

Five minutes are hiding everywhere in your day!

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