Stone Soup for Five: Book Review-- Simplify. ten practices to unclutter your soul.

Book Review-- Simplify. ten practices to unclutter your soul.

Simplify by Bill Hybels

I received a copy of Simplify from the publisher to read and review and it was a great book.  It is more of a decluttering and simplifying your mind type of book rather than your house.  Which is what I need anyway.

Things it got me thinking about:

When I'm filling in my calendar with all we have to accomplish that week, am I taking the time to fill in my priorities FIRST on the calendar?  Date night? Quiet, alone time? Priority relationships? Family night?

He stresses the importance of stopping the crazy running around on empty day in and day out, and instead scheduling the priorities of life. The stuff you'll be wishing you did if you were laying on your deathbed.  Not the things that others required of you, but the things that make for a rich life.

It is also full of other eye opening and thought provoking things, things you normally wouldn't think would be in a simplify book, like managing your finances and why you should give (I like his reasoning here, because giving of money has always been a struggle for me).  

Why and how to make room for forgiveness.  

Friendships and how to be a better friend and how to gracefully leave friendships that aren't good for you.  

How to get unstuck from a past season of life.

Why you should have a life verse and how to pick one.

It was a great, rubber meets the road book full of do-able and practical applications.

The author has a great conversational style and a gentle way of giving you a kick in the pants when you need it, and a lot of first hand accounts of working with people struggling in these areas and what they did to overcome. 

I've already put quite a few things I've learned in his book to use in my own life.

Would I recommend buying it?
It was good, especially if you are struggling in the area of decluttering your mind.   $23 average retail price is pretty steep for me, but definitely pick this one up if it's on sale (currently $15 on Amazon!) or from the library.  

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