Stone Soup for Five: Overwhelmed, discouraged and a plan to attack it.

Overwhelmed, discouraged and a plan to attack it.

We recently got back from 8 days of camping at the Oregon Coast and the week after returning I kinda hit rock bottom for some reason.

It probably had a lot to do with:

smelly laundry

filthy floors

lack of room in the garage

no organization in the garage

HOT weather

no goals

news of Robin Williams' death

news of a mother in Cannon Beach killing one daughter and trying to kill her other one because they thought it was the best answer to their problems

But whatever the reason, I succumbed to discouragement and just overwhelming OVERWHELM.  I slept a lot.  Read a lot of fiction.  Had no plan for dinners and a messy, unorganized, wreck of a house.  

So one morning about 5 days into this yuck, I took some time to write in my journal exactly what I was feeling, specifically.  WHY I thought I was feeling that way....

And what I could actively do, today, to help alleviate some of this dark cloud.

That act, right there, made a huge difference.  

Instead of walking around just feeling bleh, I was able to specifically name a few areas that I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged in, why it was that way, and what, if anything, I could do about it.

That act, right there, helped me SO much.  

I was able to pinpoint some items that were hanging in the corners of my brain, taunting me, and figure out why they were there and what I could do about it.  And I started making a list.

And part of the problem, was that my schedule, for most of the summer, lacked any sort of GOALS.  I had TO DO items listed, but no goals to move me forward as a wife, mom, and person.  No real specific spiritual goals, no specific financial goals, no specific anything.

So I dug out an old journal that had FLYlady stuff in it from 2 years ago and re-adjusted everything in that to work into my life today.  Now, I have a plan, a schedule/routine, and a way to make the important things happen.


That is the key.


If you feel like you've hit a wall.  If you're discouraged.  Overwhelmed.  Exhausted.  I challenge you to think through WHY.  Write SPECIFICALLY what is eating at you.  Spend time. Really think it through and WRITE IT DOWN.

Then ask yourself what you can do to change it.  If there is NOTHING you can do, then write PRAY.  Ask God to be HUGE and reveal Himself to you through the struggle.

If there IS something you can do.  DO IT.  

Make a specific NEXT ACTION list.  What is the next thing you can do to change this?  I guarantee you, if you spend some real time in thought here, everything that is overwhelming you has a next action of something you can do.  And doing something changes you from being a victim of circumstances and overwhelming overwhelm, to being proactive and able to do your best in the situation you are in.

Today I woke up excited to get going on my new week and it went well.  In fact, I was able to pretty much follow my morning routine without a hitch, though I know not every day will be like that.  And that's okay.  I have a plan, a routine, and I'll do the best I can with the season of life I'm in now.

If you decide to try this, leave me a comment or send me a message about what you are dealing with and what you are going to do about it.  Let's pray for each other in the comments and share our struggles and triumphs.

Life is always good.
Sometimes you just have to look harder for it.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I started doing something similar to this around the end of June (and considered making a blog post about it). Mine had to do with emotional struggles that were beating me down. I finally decided to pray and journal about why these things were bothering me, and I made Scripture cards to correspond to each problem and reviewed them every day. Before this, I had never thought to work through emotional/spiritual struggles with such practical means. I completely agree with you that the solution has to be intentional actions and steps to follow through with instead of just hoping things will get better one day.


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