Stone Soup for Five: Update on Summer of the Sleeping Bags

Update on Summer of the Sleeping Bags

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get all swept up in the beauty of plans. And excitement of reaching goals.  And the importance of striving to improve and grow in discipline.

All that was out in full force on this post of the Sleeping Bag/Do Hard Things/Boys are Made for More post not more than a month ago.

I was hoping it was beautiful.
A moms-come-together-and-fist-bump kind of thing.

And the very next day I started it!

I gathered the troops.
Encouraged them that this was a GOOD struggle.
Laid out the sleeping bags in the living room and encouraged them to just do their best.


They all rolled them up... PERFECTLY!


All of them...



They already knew how.
They did it tight, and right, and tied them off with a perfect bow.

I couldn't help but have my smile falter then slip off my face all together, ending in a little bit of a jaw drop.

They all went their way and left me to stare at their perfectly rolled sleeping bags.

After a few days thinking about this, I remembered something I found out on my cooking post...

My boys hide their competence behind complaining.

So, ya. 

My "rally the troops battle cry" has fizzled to a "I wonder how much else they can do that I'm not aware of" project.

This is real life at my house.

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