Stone Soup for Five: Teaching real life character

Teaching real life character

Teaching character is such a hard subject.

It seems you either have character or you don't, right?

I've been studying character (good and bad) for quite a few years in an attempt to teach my boys what real men of character act like.

And I've found, for my boys, it works best to have real life examples.

Today I'm printing off this article of what it looks like to REACT in character.  This is from the young man, Jon Meis, who tackled the shooter at Seattle Pacific University last week. 

 The thing that affected me the most, was that Jon never had to think about what was going on, wonder how he would do it, or even wonder IF he could do it.  He simply reacted out of character.  He never had a chance to practice the correct way to tackle and hold someone with a live gun, he just did what his reactions dictated.

So how do you reach that point in life? Where your reactions and instincts are true, brave, and right?

I believe it comes from training yourself to react the proper way in the small things.  The inconsequential.

There is a blog post by Michael Hyatt about another man, Frank Hall, who did exactly the same thing. Again, he never thought of what, how, or if he should do it, he just reacted.  Out of character.

And, a fascinating secondary point both of these heroes state is that neither one want to be thought of as a hero. They give all glory to Christ working in them.  In fact, both of them seem a little surprised that they are even considered a hero.

THAT kind of humility, character, and Christ living in them is what I so desperately want for my sons.

So I'll continue to print out these articles and make the time to read them to my boys over bowls of cereal in the morning and pray that God will take their hearts and mold them into men of character.

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  1. That's a good idea to print out articles like these and read them to our boys.


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