Stone Soup for Five: Why are some Christians so mean?!

Why are some Christians so mean?!

Last week I read a blog post regarding porn and our children and left a comment on there to an anonymous guest who also commented and was agreeing that it was a great post, but too late for them as they have been dealing with the fallout of bad choices by their child.  

My heart went out to this commenter because 





I know the excruciating pain of innocence lost.

The hugeness of hopelessness.
The pain and confusion of how things can so quickly change from what you thought they should be.

I commented to the commenter that it's not too late, and how God can use this to further His kingdom in amazing ways!  I left a link to my first two posts on your children and porn here and here.

Today when I looked on my blog, I saw a note from someone who came over from my comments there.  She is heartbroken and hurting and needing encouragement and love.  

I looked back to the comments on that other blog and the other people who replied to that comment left scathing and accusing comments to this broken, hurting person.


How can we, Jesus-loving sinful humans, do that!?!?

When I got all wrapped up in this hot mess, I was working on my study through Matthew 19, and was typing fast and furious on how the rich young ruler came up to Jesus and wanted to know how he could obtain eternal life.  He wasn't interested in how he could follow Jesus, he just wanted to skip to the end and get to the good.  Jesus lovingly called him out on it without so much as a scathing or unkind remark.  Again, earlier in the book, I see Jesus correct, teach, re-correct, re-teach over and over with His immature disciples with nothing but love and patience.  

What gives us the right to do anything differently?  

When we judge with unkind hearts, with planks in our eyes, we are no better than the Pharisees who walk around holier-than-thou but don't even know God--who want to see a sign from God, but won't see when He is standing right in front of them.

How are we EVER going to show the love of Jesus to this world desperately in need of Him if we treat our brothers and sisters like this?

I pray there will be change among us who follow so great a God... and may this change begin in me.

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