Stone Soup for Five: The Summer of the Sleeping Bag

The Summer of the Sleeping Bag

Summer 2014, the Summer of the Sleeping Bag.

2014 is now, officially, the Summer of the Sleeping Bag!

And that's not because we camp every year for an insanely long and filthy week at a time, with sticky dirt EVERYWHERE, limited bathing, and eat every meal with a garnish of sand in it...

BUT, because this is the summer we work on perserverance, dedication, and excellence.

And we will accomplish that in just one area:

Rolling up sleeping bags.

Yup. We've found an area that is both hard for our boys to do, and hateful.

None of them know how to roll up sleeping bags, even close to the right way, and none want to learn.  

True, to roll them up the acceptable way approved by Mr. Measure, they need to be tightly rolled so you actually have string left over to tie a bow with, AND the middles don't slide out when you are done.

But, still, this will be a great challenge for them.  
We are both firm believers in the power of STRUGGLE.

We want them to struggle and work hard to be able to accomplish things that are tough for them.  So they will know both the value of hard work, AND the reward of accomplishing something you previously thought was beyond yourself.

Why sleeping bags?  Because after a recent sleep over, our youngest left his and his cousin's bags in a nice heap in the middle of the garage.  Mr. Measure asked him to roll them up, and after a bit of whining--okay a LOT of whining and some crying--we realized this was a perfect struggle for him.  And then after talking, realized it would be a helpful skill (when camping this summer) for the oldest two to excel in too.

This summer we're also going to do A LOT of reading,

A lot of  outside-ing.

Some swimming at the local pool.

Serving neighbors and family with outdoor work.

A lot of unstructured go out and play-ing.

But want to have some challenging aspects to summer too.  

We've already enrolled in a free 3-day a week math course at Ten Marks.

And a free basic writing class at Coursera.

And the oldest are going to work through a couple books,
 they'll continue this one on preparing for manhood, 
and they'll go through this one with Mr. Measure and I and our church on marriage.
(They'll do just a bit of the work, and we're tackling the whole book with our church.)

But we're also adding in Rolling Up Sleeping Bags.

Because it's hard.

And good.

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