Stone Soup for Five: Book Review--Smart Money Smart Kids

Book Review--Smart Money Smart Kids

I was so excited to snag Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze's new book Smart Money Smart Kids from the publisher to review!  I had this in my amazon cart for the longest time because I knew it would be an important book for me to read, especially in the ugly, long, messy middle of working through our own Total Money Makeover and because of that there is not much of a budget for a hardback book.  So the timing was perfect!

The unexpected and aspect of this book was it read like a mix between a biography, a talk at the dinner table with Dave and his daughter, and some smart, practical money principles mixed in with it. There was some great information in here, especially for someone like me, coming kinda late into this whole "smart with money" thing. 

We've been doing the Total Money Makeover since 2009 and we're in the dregs of it now, with all debts but a looming second mortgage that we've been chipping away at for approximately 75 years.

 I was reminded how important it is to live the life I'm learning how to live with money, but to also BE INTENTIONAL about it and TALK ALL THE TIME with the boys. Which I haven't done. 

It has great information about how to work and teach all ages of kids, and had sections on teens buying cars and saving for or working through college. All great, relevant items, with the bonus of being a fun read.

If you're looking for a more detailed plan of a book for how to start out, I recommend starting with The Total Money Makeover, then move on to this book. If you're already on board with Dave, this is a great book to read to inspire hope and keep you pushing on and give you a lot to talk about and plan for to help your children avoid the same mistakes you've made.  

Highly recommend.

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