Stone Soup for Five: Entitlement Project--End of Month 1 Review

Entitlement Project--End of Month 1 Review

April marks the end of our first month of our Entitlement Project that I talked about here.  Here's how it broke down:

What: We were battling the entitlement of video games.
How: We took a month off for detox and to clear minds and attitudes

End results:  The first couple weeks were very shaky.  For me, more than them.  I posted week 1 thoughts here. There were days it was pretty touch and go for me because they just HUNG AROUND ALL. THE. TIME.

But as the weeks went on, it got better and better, like a fog was slowly lifting.  They knew video games weren't an option, so they sought out other things to do (which, unfortunately, did include a lot of bickering). 
Some of the better things they did:  Made business cards and walked around the neighborhood looking for jobs, walked to the dollar tree a few times, read books (YAY!), drew, played with Playdough (shhhh... they actually all had a blast building and destroying playdough creations), Legos, bouncing on the trampoline, yard work, and house work.
Overall it was a pretty good month all said and done!  We've found a rhythm and the days are pretty smooth, with just the occasional hiccup.

So, what's next?

We're going back, CAUTIOUSLY, into video games.  The new rule for May is that each boy has "his day" of video games with a set time.  For example: Monday will be one boy's day, and he can play from 4-6pm.  If he's not done with school, he cuts into his own time.  For now, we're setting the time frame, rather than the amount of time, because it's a total headache for me to govern--especially if they want to break up the time, etc.  This way, it's just a set time, then done.  We might modify that in June, but we'll see.

The new project for May?

We're tackling the entitlement of the Lunch Problem.  

What:  Our grocery bill is THROUGH THE ROOF and all of my boys refuse to eat simple lunches (read: sandwiches or leftovers).  What I've realized this means, is that they are PICKY and WHINY about their food, and if I extend this out a few years till they are on their own, or newly married, it is setting the stage for a financial disaster for them and their future wives/family with their desire to always be eating junk food or fast food like burgers/hot dogs/chicken nuggets/pizza.

How:  We're making the lunch menu in May all about sandwiches (with optional salad or soup, and occasionally maybe even chips) and leftovers... whatever they could normally bring in a lunchbox to work.  I know this seems pretty normal to most of you, but I'm telling you, we're out of control in this area. I'm not sure WHEN or WHERE it started, but it did, and the Lunch Problem grew and grew like crazy.

 You know what I think happened?  I would fall into the trap of not wanting to be a "mean mom", unconsciously.  In the store I'd think--without even realizing I was thinking it--"They won't eat that", or "They hate that", so I wouldn't buy it, or buy something else instead.  I think it just crept up on me all sneakily like that... so anyway, I told them the news this morning, and explained the reasoning behind it, and surprisingly (!) they were all pretty understanding.  Especially the one that I thought would pitch the loudest fit.

So, that's our new battle against entitlement for May.
Wish us luck!

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