Stone Soup for Five: Book Review--Storming the Black Ice

Book Review--Storming the Black Ice

I decided to expand my horizons on the book review front and get a few fiction books to review. So I requested Don Brown's Storming the Black Ice.

I started to read it (a bit disappointed that it is third in the Pacific Rim Series--because I get twitchy if I have to read books out of order) so I set it aside to psych myself up enough to read. out. of. order.  *shudder*

BUT, before I could pick it up again, my oldest son grabbed it and plowed through it.  So, I thought, I'd give you the review from his standpoint.  (Because if you are like me, you are constantly looking for good, clean books that will hold a teen boy's interest.)

So here's his review:

This book was focused on the Navy, and preventing a war between Chilean/Britain forces and their enemies which were Venezuela/Argentinian.     Britain had found oil under Antarctica and their drilling outpost was attacked by Argentina.  Argentina was then trying to stop Britain from getting more people to the drill site, so they could have it.

The main characters were a British SBS officer, which is like the British version of our Navy Seals, and an American submarine captain.  

The book was well written, there were not really any parts that lagged or were boring.  There was enough intensity to make you want to read, but not that you couldn't put it down.

If I were recommending it to a friend, I'd say, it is pretty much all Naval characters and story line, so if you like Navy, this is a book you'd like.  I really enjoyed the story line of the British hostages, the intensity, and it was written well.  Because they were trying to prevent a massive war, it was good throughout.

Overall I would rate it 3.5 stars.  If you really love Navy, it would probably be a 5.  

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