Stone Soup for Five: Book Review-- The Deeper Life

Book Review-- The Deeper Life

A month or so ago I received a copy of The Deeper Life by Daniel Henderson to review.  I wasn't really sure about it, because I'm kind of to a stage where I'm burned out with self improvement books that are all saying the same thing.

But I thought I would give this one a try, by an author I hadn't previously heard of.

And, let me just say...



This book is set up in a somewhat confusing format, (I wish they would have all parts of each section together, not the reading part in the front, the questions to work through in appendix 1 and his examples in appendix 2, etc.)  But, really, that was the ONLY downfall of this book.

Once you get used to that, everything he has you work through is amazing. Things that I had never thought of before. 

When you complete this book, you'll have written out:

 your personal theology statement about 

who God is, 

who you really are
(vs. who you THINK you are based on lies and things said to you in the past)

what your life goals are
(not just your personal to-do list goals, but why you are here eternally and what your earthly purpose is)

what your values are
(have you ever sat down and tried to specifically name out values that govern your life? Ya, me either. I named about two, then had to really deeply think.)

what you should be doing with your time


how you would like to finish your life.

Deep stuff.

Amazing stuff.

In our culture of quick fix information,
30 second news segments,
hurried and harried racing around,
and living from one entertainment to the next,
this is essential stuff.

Stuff I didn't even realize I was missing.

And the awesome thing is that it speaks right directly to where I am right now.   The issues I struggle the most with, I now have a statement of truth about them now. So when discouragement, lies, or exhaustion set in, I can re-read the truth about who God is, and who I am and refresh my weary soul.

So, so good.

I'm still working on fine tuning some of the projects in this book, and I imagine I will be for a lifetime.

So thankful to Pastor Daniel Henderson for taking the time to write this book.  No doubt he'll help thousands of people clarify the most important issues of life.

Buy it!
Then commit to working through the sections.
You will never regret it!


  1. I just saw this on your reading list post for 2014. And after reading your above review, I'm in! I bought it so let's see what happens!!

    1. Awesome! It's a lot to think about and work through, but so worth it!! Hope you enjoy it!


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