Stone Soup for Five: Book Review-- The 5 Love Languages of Children

Book Review-- The 5 Love Languages of Children

A long time ago, I had read The 5 Love Languages book, and was fascinated by it.  I had my husband take the "love language" test and I took it and found that he really feels loved with Words of Affirmation and I realized that I LOVE Acts of Service.

So when I had a chance to review The 5 Love Languages for Kids, I was excited to jump in and try it.  When it came in the mail, I skimmed through the chapters, then flipped to the back to look at the test.  It is laid out in a great format, but seemed geared to younger kids than my boys.

So I went back through the book, and began to read, and found out that I think it is definitely geared toward younger (elementary, probably) children... which is great if you have younger children.  (If you have older kids, like me, just go the route of the regular Love Languages book, or the teen edition maybe?)

But, these books, no matter which one you get, are pretty cool.  

I remember my husband and I getting in arguments ALL. THE. TIME. when we were first married.   I mistakenly thought he was just being rude, but after finding out that I mostly feel loved when he does acts of service for me, I realized I needed to explain to him and tell him what was hurting me and what I appreciate.  And the same applied to him.  After I found out that he really feels built up with positive words, I started working more of that into our days, and what a difference!

The same applies for this book.  The chapters are full of information and real life stories of how it has worked for families who have put them to use.  Great thoughts, advice, and examples.

If you haven't figured out what love language speaks strongest to your kids (and they are younger than teens) I highly recommend this book!

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