Stone Soup for Five: Book Review -- Notes from a Blue Bike

Book Review -- Notes from a Blue Bike

I can't even tell you how long I DIDN'T pause to request this book from the blogger review program.  In fact, I saw it available and didn't even scroll through the list of what else was out there because I KNEW I needed to read this book.

Had to.

And when I got Notes from a Blue Bike in the mail, it was as exciting as a long awaited Christmas gift.  Maybe better.  

And it smelled GOOD.

And looked EXCELLENT.

So I dived in.

And at about Part II, I was getting kinda unsure about it being all I hoped it would be...

I wanted more memoir, maybe?  She touched on deep depression... what was that all about? She gave a little, but not much.... she touched on her and her husband working overseas with a non profit organization--doing what?  Serving whom?  Why?  That was frustrating.  She talked about their life in Turkey, but I wanted more.  Paint me a picture with words, that's why I'm reading, but she gave just enough to tempt, but not deliver.

Her writing style is engaging.  That was good.

The subject promised (The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World) was definitely wanted and neeeded.  But...  the book was just lacking.  
What, I don't know.

There were great things--one that we're trying to start a tradition of is having tea after dinner every night, to savor and enjoy each other more--but there were very few of those kinds of real life application points.

I still hold most of my books for women up to my favorite, A Woman After God's Own Heart, by Elizabeth George, and know that not many can touch that, so I try to be kind... but... 

I didn't hate this book.  

I just felt frustrated that there wasn't more. 

I wanted more transparency, I guess.

(Did the book draw me in while reading, 
and make me want to come back to it when not reading?)

Rating: 3

At first it did, then as I was getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of real meat or transparency, it became one that I kinda just had to get through.

(Can I take the information read in this book and apply it to my life right now to make a difference?)

Rating: 3

There were some really great points she made and at least one that I picked up and tried right away (the tea after dinner), but most of them were pretty vague and/or frustrating.  
Give me bullet points or give me death!
(not really, but kinda)

(How many things stood out to me enough to highlight, underline, dog ear and write?)

Rating: 2

No dog ears or underlining, but there were quotes and bits I did write down in my journal.


Enh.... I don't know.  Maybe if there was a good sale, I might buy it, but this is definitely a borrow from the library book for me.  I really WANT to like it... and I don't hate it, but I won't pick it up to thumb through again.

*this post contains an affiliate link but I was not compensated either way to give a review, I was just sent a free book by the publisher.  They didn't even ask me to give a positive review, just an honest one.  Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

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  1. great review. i felt similarly. i'm glad i'm not the only one! :)


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