Stone Soup for Five: To be most effective, what can you delegate?

To be most effective, what can you delegate?

Where are you most effective as a mother?

What roles are roles that ONLY you can fulfill, and what are you spending your time on that someone else can do?

For me, I am most effective when I am interacting with my children by teaching during homeschool.

I am most effective when I am speaking truth into their lives in day to day living.

I am irreplaceable as a loving, nurturing mother to the boys that God gave to me.

I am developing relationships together during read aloud together in the evenings.

But to do ANY of those things, I need to make the time.
To make the time, I absolutely need to delegate.

Because all too often the urgent fills up and overtakes the important.

DAILY that happens.

So I need to train myself to delegate.

I have delegated their personal laundry to each of my boys.

I have delegated daily toilet touch ups to my boys.

Morning breakfasts are also delegated, as well as cleaning up after themselves.

We even kind of delegated homeschool corrections.  They are required to come to me and do their math corrections verbally with me each day, so I don't have a pile of corrections on the weekend (and they are personally involved in seeing what they did wrong and correcting it--this is really a Win/Win situation).

Evening kitchen and dining room cleanup is also delegated.

And I've found its not even a matter of thinking
"Oh, I don't mind doing this for them",
as much as it is realizing
"Is this the most effective thing I can be doing, or can I delegate it?"

Can you delegate regular tasks that are urgent--but not important--to your kids, so you can use your time most effectively?

To have the time and energy to do read-aloud in the evening, I have to delegate the time consuming tasks of loading the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, and putting the food away.

To have the weekends free to be able to enjoy some FFF (Forced Family Fun--with teens it is almost always forced at this stage in life), I cannot have a huge pile of tedious math corrections weighing down on me.

At first it WILL take more time. 
Training time.
(which is often a slog to get through)
But you will gain so much more just a week or two down the road.

And not only will you be teaching them essential life skills, but will be freeing yourself up for your MOST IMPORTANT work.

What can you delegate?

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  1. I love this! You are empowering your boys and yourself at the same time!


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