Stone Soup for Five: My Top 5 Christian Blogger Review Programs for FREE Books

My Top 5 Christian Blogger Review Programs for FREE Books

I signed up for a few blogger review programs a couple months ago to see how they worked and if they really were as simple as getting a free book (of my choice) and submitting a blog post and review. 
It really is that simple.
Some of the programs are super sophisticated and streamlined to make it easy, and some are a bit more clunky with fewer choices, but here is the rundown of what I've found so far, and at the end, I'll include a list of what I'm looking for when I request the books.

(soon to be Booklook Bloggers)

I review for BookSneeze®

My favorite by far is Booklookbloggers.  This program is for a mix of publishers including Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, Westbow E-books, and soon to add HarperCollins, who just acquired Thomas Nelson Books.  HUGE selection of books.  This site is always hard for me to narrow down to just one (but they say soon it will be 2 at a time you can request!)


-An active blog with at least 30 visible subscribers.

-Active posting, around 1 post a week.

-When you are done reading the book you choose, you post a review on your blog and one other public shopping website (like Amazon or CBD etc.)

-This site does not require you to post within a certain time frame, you just cannot request another book until your post is up.

2.  Blogging for Books 
(Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers)

Blogging for Books also has a great selection of books and is pretty smooth to work with.  As of right now, I don't believe they have a minimum number of subscribers to your blog for you to be accepted, but it looks like that might change, so this would be a good one to jump on asap if you are just starting out with your blog and book reviews.


-Active blog

-You need to post a book review within 30 days of receiving the book (if no review is posted within 90 days, you could be suspended from the program).

-Your review must be at least three paragraphs long and be posted on your blog and on a retail shopping website.

-They also have a ranking review program for their blogger reviews that CAN qualify you to have extra copies to give out to your readers, but it's kind of confusing and I haven't looked that far into it.

3.  Moody Publishers

Moody Publishers review program is fun because they let you select three books at a time.  Shipping is a bit slower than the other two programs though and the selection process is pretty clunky with small pics of covers and clunky mechanics to wade through it all.

Their key authors include: Gary Chapman, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, John MacArthur, etc.

Signing up is a bit of a trick though.  They ask for your average number of posts per week, number of visits per month, number of unique monthly visits, and average number of comments per post.
  (personally, I could not for the life of me find on my blog dashboard the number of unique monthly visits... and all the other numbers for me were really, really low, but they still accepted me!)


-Review on your blog and on a retail site

-Submit your information and wait to see if you are approved.  They don't have anywhere that I can see, a minimum requirement for your blog.

4. Bethany House Publishers

Bethany House has a bit of a different kind of reviewer program.  They don't have a website online where you can browse the books and choose what you want. They instead send you an email with the books listed, you scroll through the email and request the book, then wait to see if you get a confirmation email saying you can get the book.  It's a bit clunky that way, and really slow to get the books.  They send out an email for non-fiction books and a different one for fiction.

I received my non-fiction book request email confirmation from them fairly quickly, but after a couple weeks, and after posting my reviews for the non-fiction book, haven't received a response for my fiction request, so I guess I didn't get it. Maybe?  I don't know. It's all very vague and kind of fussy.

They do have good books though, and as far as I can tell they don't have a minimum number of blog followers needed to be accepted, but again, it's pretty vague.


-Active blog

-Posting your review on a retail site and a blog post

-a lot of waiting and not knowing

-They request you post the review within 30 days of receipt of the book

5.  Tyndale Blog Network

It took me a while to figure out the Tyndale Blog Network program.  At first glance it looked like they only had one book available for you to choose from, so I waited, and kept checking back.  But afer I clicked around, I found that they have about 6-10 to choose from.  It's a smaller choice, but still some great books.   

Some of the books require a "blog tour participation" and I'm not sure what that all involves, so I just choose books without that stipulation.  It probably wouldn't be a bad thing, and would drive up traffic to your blog, so I might look into it later.


-Active blog

-Posting a review of at least 2 paragraphs on your blog and post a review on a retail site.

-As far as I can tell, it doesn't look like there is a minimum number of followers required on your blog.

My tips for making it fun:

1.  Sign up for a couple (or all 5!) programs, so you'll have a constant stream of new books coming in.  Most of them take 2 or more weeks to get to you after you request them.

2.  Request books that sound interesting to you, but maybe you wouldn't normally buy.  At first I was requesting all the same type of books that I would probably buy in book stores, but my reading selection wasn't very varied and didn't stretch me much.  I try to focus more on books that I might have a hard time plunking down the money for in a store because I wasn't sure of what it contained.

3.  Install on your computer and block social media for most of the day/week.  Seriously.
This is the ONLY way I can get any reading done, otherwise I'm pulled into the time black hole that is social media.  The other side benefit is that my mind seems clearer and more focused... less "messy".  I really do think that the internet is messing with our brains.

4.  Enjoy your free books!

And fill your Empty Shelf!


  1. I participate in these programs, too. It's a wonderful way to support Christian authors as well!

  2. I've given up on the Tyndale Blog Network as it is so confusing. It's not user friendly at all. With Booklook Bloggers it's much easier to download the books.

  3. Thanks for the tips. You are awesome!


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