Stone Soup for Five: Raising Boys--words of respect

Raising Boys--words of respect

I just finished the book 
Love and Resepct in the Family
and it has already had a huge impact on me.

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And it is definitely dog eared and written and underlined almost as much as my favorite book by Elizabeth George.

It was good all the way through, obviously by my dog ears and bookmarks,
but I think one of the key chapters for raising boys is found toward the very end.

The one where I read something I've never heard before about using words that say and show respect:
"Using respect talk works with your son because it meets the ingrained need for respect deep in his spirit.  Yes, you love him, but the best way to communicate your love is to show respect to the very spirit of your son, a spirit precious to God.  He will sometimes fail to be who he ought to be, but he still needs respect.  You may not always feel that he deserves your respect, but it is during those moments he needs it the most."


Maybe they need to hear that even more than "I love you".

I'm not sure, but based on the many stories the author lists in his book, I'm willing to give it a try.  So this week, this Monday through Friday is my experiment time.

I'm going to try to use one of the three respect words they mentioned in this book, to each of my sons, at least one time a day.

And I know I will forget to do it, so I'm writing it ON MY HAND.

On the inside of my hand, are the three words.

On the top of my hand, where I'll see it all day, is RAA
For Respect, Admire, Appreciate.

I'll post back how it goes and if it truly does make a difference in my boys.

You in?

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