Stone Soup for Five: Book Review--Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothlin

Book Review--Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothlin

As part of a blogger book review team, I get to choose books that I would like to read and review and the publishing company sends them to me free  (I know! Could it get any better?)  When the books for January came up, I was torn between another book and Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothlin. 

 Years ago I downloaded a free eBook by Brooke called Warrior Prayers.

I thought that this paperback book was just the same thing, repackaged.  But I'd never know unless I tried it.  AND I have boys who need prayer.  AND prayer is absolutely THE WEAKEST part of my spiritual life.

Prayer is like Math.  No, it's like math+gerunds+hard physical labor+computer tech.  In other words, it is completely mysterious, it's hard for me to comprehend, it's difficult for me to focus, and it's something I can't see or even begin to understand.

But, I have boys.

And I struggle with prayer.

So I clicked the button and waited.

It came a week or so later and the table of contents was pretty close to the table of contents of the Warrior Prayers free eBook.  Immediately I was doubtful.  But, this book was written 3 years after the Warrior Prayers, and I know Brooke had time to grow as a mom and learn even more about prayer. So I was hopeful too.  But, Brooke has young boys, and I have teen boys.  Was this going to be applicable to me?


This book is an expanded and more detailed book than the Warrior Prayers ebook.  AND, it has a lot more of Brooke's heart in it.  She shares intimately about her failures and her successes and the specific instances and prayers she uses.  She wrote this book as a letter directly to my tired, frustrated, confused, weary mom's heart.  This book is directly from Brooke's pen to me.  I'm pretty sure it should start with: Dear Kari.

Maybe it's because it has come at a time of desperate struggle for me with teen boys.  Maybe it's because God is saying "Kari, this is the next area we're going to work on in your sanctification process".  Either way, it is an amazing book that I have already marked up, dog eared, underlined, circled, and prayed over.  

This is going to be a keep-forever-and-pray-daily-with book for me.  

I love the organization of how it's laid out. If my boys are struggling in a specific area that day/week/year I can go to that section and get tons of scripture personalized to pray over with and for them.

The forward is written by Cliff Graham (perhaps one of my oldest son's favorite authors) and a man who I have grown to respect for what he is doing in teen fiction and movie making (THANK YOU Cliff, for making books about David and his Mighty Men that my teens devour).

The first two chapters are all about prayer, what it is and why we should do it.  
The part that really struck me though, was this:

"You see, God revealed to me that I had been entering the battle WITH my sons, not FOR them.  When they had tantrums, I had tantrums (ugly, but true) right back.  I was losing my cool, and in my attempts to just get them to stop and obey me, I as actually teaching them to respond exactly the way they were... as I turned away from battling against my sons, I saw things change for the better."


So much YES.

If you have boys, at any age or stage, and you struggle with prayer, this book is ESSENTIAL.  Grab it quick and pray over it long and slow.

He is Able.

(Did the book draw me in while reading, 
and make me want to come back to it when not reading?)

Rating: 5

This book drew me in fast, and held me there, reading her heart struggles, reading the scripture she prayed, personalizing it for my boys, and covering every area I could think of (and many I hadn't even thought of!)

(Can I take the information read in this book and apply it to my life right now to make a difference?)

Rating 5+

Absolutely practical and clear.  Simple and straight forward.  

(How many things stood out to me enough to highlight, underline, dog ear and write?)

Rating: 5

Almost every. Single. Page.



Absolutely.  So thankful I took a chance to see if it was more than the Warrior Prayers eBook.  It is that book, plus so much more.  Definitely worth $12.99.

*this post contains an affiliate link but I was not compensated either way to give a review, I was just sent a free book by Bethany House Publishers.  They didn't even ask me to give a positive review, just an honest one.  Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

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  1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt review, Kari. I'm so blessed by how God is using it for you, and humbled that He would use the messiness of my own heart and life to encourage another. Sweet blessings!


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