Stone Soup for Five: Bible Journaling tools and The Bold Year Challenge

Bible Journaling tools and The Bold Year Challenge

This year I joined in with almost 100 other women in The Bold Year Challenge, hosted by MacKenzie over at Bold Turquoise.

The challenge is a year long event where we read the word daily, journal, improve our homemaking skills, and learn how to improve our Bible time, our family, our home, and ourselves.

The Bible reading plan we are doing is very do-able. It's the 5x5x5 reading plan, which has you read one chapter, 5 days a week, and has 5 ways you can add to dig deeper.  We'll make it through the entire New Testament this year.

This month the homemaking focus is on developing the habit of meal planning.  If you're new to menu planning, MacKenzie has a very affordable ebook on how to get it set up and rolling and super easy for you to do!

The Bible journaling is kinda my thing, and I am loving it.  I enjoy boiling the chapter down to a few clear points and really honing in on them.  It causes me to pay more attention when I'm reading so I can focus in on the main points.

I'll fill you in on a few of the tools I use...

In my journal I use Micron pens, in a variety of sizes .005 up to .08), all black ink.  They dry quickly and will not bleed through the page
(Don't get the Microperm ones though, they DO bleed through, stick with the tan Pigma ones).

And in this Bible Journal (my second one) I chose a plain bound sketchbook and am only using black and grays to color and shade and highlight for a very monochromatic look.

I use the Tombow Dual brush markers in three shades of gray.

I also have a piece of regular notebook paper, that I used my .08 micron pen to make the lines darker.  This shows up very well through my pages to help me keep things straight when I'm writing.

In another post, I'll talk more about page layout and quick sketches anyone can do, but for now, here are the first pages of my journal in the book of Mark.

It's not too late to join the challenge! There's a facebook page and all the information over here:

We'd love to have you!


  1. Your journal is amazing! I've wanted to do something visual in my Bible study journals. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. I love the way you journal on the bible. I have recently began to study the bible. I was not raised on the bible, i was raised to believe in God but was never taught anything of the bible. I have attended church a few time in my life and do enjoy going. I am currently looking for one to call home. but one thing that has always held me back from going every Sunday and really feeling like I belong is that I have never understood the bible I've never taken the time to learn. I have started my daily readings and have began to journal and learn. but I can't help but wonder if I should really began studying in any particular order for it make the most sense as well as I can't find a journal style that seems to really work for me. I tend to try and write too much and i have a little bit of ocd about neatness. That is what I love about your pages. they are eye catching, straight to the point and so neat. so do you have any tips or advice.

    1. Blessings upon your journey into His Word and His revealed nature found there! Keep going! Trust in that every encounter is Truth, intended to be breathed into you. I will be lifting you in prayer daily....


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