Stone Soup for Five: Err on the side of mercy

Err on the side of mercy

Mercy: n. a refraining from harming offenders, enemies, etc. 
 A disposition to forgive or be kind. 
 Kind or compassionate treatment.

Mercy received thankful from my Jesus.
Mercy so often not extended to my boys.

Oh how I pray I will err on the side of mercy more often.

It's a hard HARD road to parent teen boys, 
especially in today's ugly, sinful, in-your-face culture.

I often err on the side of LECTURES,

... of long sighs
...of looks of anger
...of irritated body language
...of raised voices and raised eyebrows

and today
right in my face
"For judgement will be merciless to the one who has shown no mercy;

I'm praying to err more on the side of mercy,

...more on the side of quiet prayer,
...of a soft touch,
...of a gentle hug and leaning in,
...of whispering and smiles.

Even in the ugly and muck of hormones and teenage attitudes.
ESPECIALLY in those.

Lord, grant me the ability to show mercy to my boys,
as you have continued to show mercy to me.

I am learning through these struggles
and Holy Spirit knockdowns

That relationship is what matters.

How can I guide, love, lead, teach
someone who I don't have relationship with?

What does relationship building look like 
with my teen boys right now?

-It is realizing that one of them learns the hard way... which means it's going to be hard to watch him go through painful experiences from his choices, but it is HOW he learns.  I've yet to see real learning/change happen based on one of my many, many lectures, no matter how brilliantly I speak.

-It means giving up the battles that aren't directly related to God, relationship, or character.
I cannot fight every. single. battle.  Right now, I'm choosing to step back on a few areas and instead relinquish them to prayer--grades, food, room cleanliness, etc.

-It means I'm taking up my sword and armor and running headlong into other battles.  
Battles over his soul.
Battles over his mind.
Battles over how he treats others.
Battles within myself when I want to lash out in anger.

Lord, help me remember
that it all
comes down to 

Mercy truimphs over judgement.

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  1. I love your heart... and how transparent you are in the process. But I wish it wasn't always so hard for you. Thanks Kari.


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