Stone Soup for Five: This week's meals in jars...

This week's meals in jars...

I am absolutely loving the salads in a jar for lunch.  
AND the snacks in a jar for when I'm starving.  
Since we've started doing this, my weight is trickling down and my husband's weight is falling off (isn't that just how it goes?).  But we're going to keep it up because I'm finding I really do love salads if it's not the same old iceberg and ranch.

This week I made a pesto pasta salad by cooking pasta, tossing with Costco's basil pesto, adding tomatoes and olives, and layering with feta to keep the lettuce from the pasta.

The grilled steak Caesar is so good! I bought sirloin steak, marinated it in a cilantro-lime marinade and grilled it on the old George Foreman.  Sliced thin, I added it on top of the Newman's Own Creamy Caesar dressing, and layered with tomatoes, feta, and olives.

The last is a new salad for us.  Taco salad made with more of the grilled steak.  The bottom has salsa (with a little ranch poured in too) steak, olives, tomatoes, and cheddar.  I'm experimenting with the avocado by cubing it and adding it to the little containers you can almost see on top of each jar.  Each container has a slice of lemon on top of the avocado. We'll see if it keeps it fresh or not.

Half pint jar snacks this week:

Apple slices and crunchy peanut butter
fresh diced peaches with yogurt (peaches on the bottom to keep from browning)
veggie sticks and broccoli in ranch

Should be another healthy week!

Goals this week:

-Run 8 miles (M,W,F)
-Jillian's 30 day shred (T,Th)
-find out what the FLYzone is this week and try to do SOMETHING.

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