Stone Soup for Five: It's all about me...

It's all about me...

It's all about me.

I don't like that saying and I don't like the selfish implications.
I kinda think it's true.

I've been listening to Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership podcasts and am amazed at how much these 'leadership and business' podcasts can also directly deal with parenting and work and real life.

The one I listened to today was one of Personal Accountability: if we are, and how to be.  

And it really made me think of what I'm dealing with each day my boys get older.

New sins.
New attitudes.
New issues.
Most of which seem to blindside me.

But as Dave said, what am I doing to change?  
I can't change them (though for years I've tried), but what am I doing to change ME?

Screen time:
I'm always in a battle with them over screen time.  They want more, I want them to have less.  BUT, am I controlling MY screen time?  Is Facebook/email/twitter/this blog taking up too much of my precious short daily hours?

Quality effort:
I seriously feel like I'm beating my head against the wall in a house full of boys TRYING to teach them to do their chores and school work with EFFORT.  But, am I doing my job with effort?  Am I trying to make a delicious dinner that looks AND tastes good? Am I letting everyone just grab a plate and land where they may?  Am I making a quality effort to keep the house somewhat organized?  To stay on top of laundry?  To keep the yard nice?

Bible Study:
I want them to treasure their time in God's word, not merely read, read, read, done.   But, am I treasuring my time?  Am I just reading through the required pages to mark another day off my Read Through the Bible calendar?  Am I really thinking through the words and praying Christ will open my heart with understanding?

Heart Change:
I want nothing more than to see my boys walking with and loving the Lord.  Am I?  Yes, I'll fail.  Yes, daily I sin.  Yes, I will continue to mess up and fall.  But am I striving to grow in my relationship with Him?  Am I praying He'll change MY heart?  Am I making the effort to truly learn and let that change me?

What do you think?  I really am curious to get other insight into this.  Is changing how you operate really going to change/affect your kids?  Do you have examples?  I appreciate your thoughts as we struggle together to become more Christ like.


  1. I think what you said is right on the money. Why would we expect to see change in others for whom we are responsible if we are not willing to change ourselves? This is nothing short of hypocrisy. At this point my son is too young for this issue to exactly apply, but you could also apply this to many other types of relationships. "Be the change", as it were...and lead by example.
    ~ Honor

  2. I appreciate this post... I don't have any insight from past experiences, but I do believe changing the way I operate will EVENTUALLY change/affect my kids..


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