Stone Soup for Five: Oven cleaning and back to FLYing

Oven cleaning and back to FLYing

We recently went camping with our good friends for 8 days and my friend had brought along FLYlady's book to read.  She said she needed a good 'kick in the rear' to get going on FLYlady routines again.  So I grabbed my notebook and started planning along with her and am glad to say I'm FLYing yet again.

So this week we happened to be on Zone 2, the kitchen, and I had worked my 15 min around the kitchen to the stove.  We have a gas stove and have had it for about 7 years now and have TONS of baked on grossness on the grill that I could NEVER EVER get off! I tried everything... the dishwasher, soaking them in detergent, Basic H cleaner, scrubbing, EVERYTHING!  


I saw a post on pinterest so thought I'd give it a try.  It said to pour ammonia into a ziploc and put the dirty grate in overnight and then scrub off.  Well my grates are HUGE, so I had to use a black plastic garbage bag and I poured in half the bottle of ammonia then let bake out in the hot sun all day and overnight.

This morning I woke up and pulled them out and this is what they looked like, right out of the bag with 7 years of baked on gross.

Then I hosed them down with the JET stream on the nozzle and they looked like THIS, which was already a million times better than I thought they'd ever be again!

Then I spent about 10 min scrubbing with scratchy pads, Dawn dishwashing soap, and steel wool, for an AMAZING improvement!  They look almost as good as new!

I'll be sure to add this to my monthly Kitchen Zone and they should stay sparkling forever!

Oh, and P.S.  I also saw on pinterest how you can lay a strip of hot glue down on the bottom of slippery area rugs to give them grip to stay in place, so I tried putting hot glue strips under my cutlery tray in the kitchen drawer so it would stay in place when we pulled the drawer open, and it. totally. works!

Go Pinterest!

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