Stone Soup for Five: Sunday Summary --on Monday

Sunday Summary --on Monday

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember to do the Sunday Summary, especially since we do Sunday Night Unplugged (which last night consisted of playing 2 rounds of Sequence with the boys and working on some June goals--ALL of which, I have to say, would absolutely NOT have happened if we didn't make it a point to turn off EVERY electronic device in the house). So today we're doing the Sunday Summary on Monday.

My goals for the month of June are:

-lay path by the driveway (this week's goal toward this is to measure out the area and get a price figured out)

-recover dining room chairs 

(DONE!! Finished on Sunday night, since we were all unplugged and had a few hours!)

-get Thankful Chalkboard up in our room where I can leave notes for Mr. Measure about what I'm thankful for him for.  

(DONE!!  Put up last week!  --it was a tacky paperboard photograph of a bald eagle head that I picked up at Goodwill, spray painted over with chalkboard spray paint, and rehung. Quick and easy, but put off for MONTHS!)

-touch up paint in studio, kitchen, living room and hall. 
 Not done yet, but should be by the end of the week.

LOVING how having clear, written goals, with the finished product in mind helps me actually get some of this stuff done!  I'm super fabulous at spinning my wheels, doing a million little things that don't matter and never getting the stuff I WANT to get done, DONE.  

It's kinda encouraging that even though I'm still learning about goals and planning, I'm making progress!

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