Stone Soup for Five: We are in a FIGHT!

We are in a FIGHT!

The last few months its been creeping up on me.
I'm in a fight.
And I'm losing.

I'm in a fight FOR a clear mind.
I'm in a fight FOR redeeming my time.
I'm in a fight FOR teaching and training my boys.

I'm in a fight AGAINST mindless surfing and clicking.
I'm in a fight AGAINST throwing away precious minutes and hours on things that DO NOT MATTER.
I'm in a fight AGAINST getting angry and out of control and lashing out in irritation and inflicting punishment.

And this whole fight hinges on complacency.
And convenience.

I am so complacent with convenience.  I am truly a lover of pleasure.  I want a life of peace and tranquility and boys that get along and obey, so I can relax and surf and sit in the sun and read without interruption (or at least go to the bathroom without hearing "Mooooommmmm!!!!").

In my search for balance I've come to realize my life is completely tilted and out of balance because I live a  complacent life.  I love convenience. I love ease.  I love comfort.

And that's not what this life is supposed to be.

As I've been praying for wisdom and seeking out desperately for some balance, God is slowly revealing all these issues, and how if I want true peace and wisdom, I need to figure out not what I need to add in to my day, but what I need to cut out.  What I need to sacrifice in order to get my life back in balance.

It's different for me than it is for you, but I'm way out of control in some areas and need to change.

What do you think? Are you in a fight?  Do we need to be?  What are your struggles?

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  1. I love you friend.
    And I'm fighting along with you.
    I SOOOO wish our paths crossed more easily, more often.


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