Stone Soup for Five: Institution of Sunday Summary

Institution of Sunday Summary

I love Jon Acuff, his sense of humor and his faith and his ability to set and REACH his goals.

Goal setting for me is a new area that I haven't had much experience in, and quite frankly stink at.  But I'm trying to get better.  So in an effort to improve, and hold myself accountable, I'm going to take Jon's idea of Sunday Summary and try to get going on redeeming my time and getting some stuff done.

I have a huge master list of goals I'm adding to and breaking some of them down to monthly, weekly, and daily goals.  Starting with the finished project, and then breaking it down to the steps to complete it.

So, here they are on this Sunday Summary.

June Goals

By June 30th we will have made a path by the driveway so we don't have to slog through mud or shimmy between cars to get to the front door.

--research what is needed to do it
--decide if we are going to do concrete, bricks, or pavers
--dig out bushes and plants in the way
--lay path

By June 30th there will be removable, washable chair covers for the dining room.  The easy wipe off faux leather from JoAnn didn't work quite as well as I had hoped.  --sigh--

--make a pattern
--get the fabric (I think I'll use painter's dropcloth, prewashed)
--make 4 covers

By June 30th I will have touched up the paint and finished the trim that has been unfinished for over a year in the back room.

--prime and paint door trim
--remove un-working alarm sensor
--caulk hole in the ceiling by the ceiling fan

By June 30th, I will have put up the homemade framed chalkboard in our bedroom to record the ways I am thankful for Mr. Measure as encouragement and gratitude.

These are my goals for June.

Now to plan out deadlines for each step and pray for focus and determination... and mostly to remember to pursue PEACE over PRODUCTIVITY in the midst of all my planning.  But I've realized I've GOTTA set goals and strive to reach them, because, seriously, all this time wasted on Facebook and surfing is getting me exactly NOWHERE!

So let it be written,
so let it be done.

I'll update you next Sunday.  Let's do this!


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