Stone Soup for Five: I wish I'd done more...

I wish I'd done more...

Around Tax Day this year, our Pastor was talking about how fun it is to total up all the donations you've given to charity and missions and see how it makes your tax due go down... and how when you get to the end of the list you think "I wish I'd given more!" so you could keep going.  And then he showed us how he doesn't want that to be what he thinks when he finally gets to Heaven.  He doesn't want to reach the goal and think "I wish I'd done more."

Then I heard another story from a mother, with many children, who was dying.  And as she was struggling with her last days on earth, she said, "Oh, how I wish I'd have baked less bread... How I wish I would have just bought store bread and used my baking time to just be with my children."

Oh how achingly true, convicting, and painful both of these stories are to me.  It is CRUCIAL to redeem my time.  To do MORE for God,  and less for me.

I was struck a while ago during our family movie time on a Friday night...  We were all in the living room, a movie we'd all seen before on the TV, everyone eating pizza and watching the movie.  I finished my pizza and picked up the laptop and surfed for a while, checking email and facebook and blogs, happily enjoying the peacefulness of the evening.  Except that my 9 yr old son would interrupt my "me time" occasionally with questions: "Did you see that mom?!" or "Are you watching Mom?"  I'd nod disinterestedly and get back to what I was reading...   Later that next day I thought of how he really wanted me to be ALL there with him. Even though it wasn't something important I needed to concentrate on, he really wanted me to be THERE.

We live in such an entertainment, convenience based culture it is so easy for me to lose track of what is important. 

 I KNOW when I am on my death bed (be it sudden or slow, early or years from now) I'm NOT going to wish I'd read just one more blog post (as I ironically write one more blog post), or checked on my friend's status updates one more time, or surfed for one more recipe on pinterest (that I would never end up making). 

 I'm going to want one more peaceful evening on the couch with my son's head on my shoulder.  

One more day outside smelling the meat searing on the BBQ while the boys play war on the lawn, 

one more morning watching the sun come up while reading my Bible in the glorious warm glow.

NONE of this technology even matters.  
None of it ever will.  

It's all about TIME REDEEMED, 
LOVE poured out, 
one more day enjoying the blessings God so lavishly pours out to a sinner such as me.

Oh how I pray I get this.

Lord, help me REDEEM the time you've blessed me with so I don't end my life with "I wish I'd done more.."


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