Stone Soup for Five: Sunday Night Unplugged, round 2

Sunday Night Unplugged, round 2

Breakdown for the second weekly Sunday Night Unplugged:

-MUCH whining, complaining, and trying to fight... angry words, "This is SO STUPID" and a trying-to-be-calm answer of "I know you won't understand it now, but in about 20 years you will."

-After Sunday Tea the boys cleaned up the kitchen then asked to watch a TV show "All together, as a family!"


-I got out my homeschool stuff to plan the week.  Mr. Measure got out his history book to read and started a fire and the punks got out the legos and finally, grudgingly set up a shooting range to test Nate's new Lego rubberband shooter.

-After about a half hour, Aaron asked if we could go on a walk to the football field about a mile away.  I had A LOT more planning and correcting to do, so Mr. Measure took all three while I stayed home by the fire and planned.

-I was tempted to hop online to look up an English book, to check facebook and/or email, but resisted and persisted and tried to stay focused.

-They came home in the dark and drizzle and we prayed together and everyone went to bed.

I'm still amazed at how something as simple as an evening of turning OFF results in some pretty spectacular ideas, if you can withstand the complaints and whining and keep assuring them that they will understand when they are older.

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