Stone Soup for Five: Talking during the GOOD times

Talking during the GOOD times

I've been really convicted lately about the need to talk to my boys
about things of God

I'm GREAT at lecturing them about their ugly, in my face, embarrassing, or frustrating SIN at the bad times.
In the heat of the moment,
when I'm most frazzled
when the one brother has AGAIN hurt another
when disrespect is grumbled under his breath
when little jabs and pokes with words are loosed, AGAIN.

Those times I'm quick to point out sin
Quick to condemn
Too quick with my own jabs and pokes
And it's easy

Too easy

The hard comes in those sneaky good times.

The times I am not paying attention
(or maybe finally relaxing because there isn't any arguing, bickering, or anger)
These are tricky.

Because in the good times, I want to rest.
I want to just pretend we're a nice family
A family who doesn't struggle DAILY, hourly, or minute by minute with sin.

Those are the times I've been convicted to seek out.
To even MAKE
And speak to my boys the things of God 
(His blessings, their heritage and legacy in Christ, the positives of following this AWEsome God of ours).

These sneaky, hard to miss good times 
are the times where God can really take hold of their hearts for Him.
They are the times when anger isn't blinding,
jealousy isn't filling their minds
and strife isn't deafening their ears.

And these times are the ones I so often miss.

So today, I'm going to MAKE that time.
It'll look like a mom and her son grabbing a quick lunch together at McDonald's, 
but I pray that with guidance from the Holy Spirit it will be SO much more than that.


  1. I love this Kari...
    I'm so quick to make time to "communicate" when things aren't going well.
    I want to make it a priority to connect in the positive moments as well...
    Thank you for reminding me.
    I need that :)

    1. Thanks, I need reminders too! It went pretty well, don't know how much of it sunk in, but mostly it was us, relaxed, smiling, laughing, and discussing how God has a plan for our life, but satan does too. If he remembers ANYTHING good, it's all from God.


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