Stone Soup for Five: Thoughts on FINISHING

Thoughts on FINISHING

I've never been one to tackle a project and work with focused intensity until it is completed.

I'm more the "jump in with both feet because it sounds good and then realize a few steps into the process that it is going to take a lot of self-motivation and then leave it half done or abandon it all together" kind of person.

But a few months ago, my "jump in with both feet and think later" self started the Couch to 5k running program, completely by accident.  

(I say accident because it was started because my 9 year old son went against my suggestion of getting "cool" shoes, and instead really wanted the running shoes... which meant he could now magically run fast... which meant he wanted to run at the track... which meant possible health improvement and weight loss for him... which meant "Hey! Why don't I start the Couch to 5k running program with him?".  Which meant I found myself running.)

Running through the program was seriously 


I wanted to give up.

I wanted to quit when my sides hurt.

I wanted to be DONE when my mind was screaming at me that I CAN'T DO THIS.

But I wanted to finish.

More than I wanted to quit.

And I did.
I plowed through 9 weeks, in the middle of winter.
On freezing days.
On rainy, cold days.
On the track by myself... with others... with the boys.

And I finished.

And am still trying to run better, longer, faster.
It's slow going and hard.
Mentally painful.

BUT, since I've accomplished 9 weeks of fighting with myself, and made it through to the end,
 I'm starting to see it pour over into other areas of my life.

Like keeping a scripture journal.

And starting a memorization program that is long term, and is going to require dedication and commitment when it gets tedious and isn't NEW anymore.

BUT, by finishing ONE thing, I can tell my negative thoughts that constantly yell 
 "you can't do this, 
you've never stuck to ANYTHING",

that this is something 
with God's grace covering all my mistakes,
I can mount up with wings like eagles,
I can run and not get tired, 
I can walk and not become weary.

(Isaiah 40:31)

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