Stone Soup for Five: My gazelle has been eaten...

My gazelle has been eaten...

We started following Dave Ramsey's plan with the Total Money Makeover in August of 2009.

Since then we've paid off almost $20,000 in debt, but still have $27,000 to go.  That is in the form of a second mortgage and we've been working on it for almost a year so far.  We've paid off over $5,000 on it, but MAN, is it LONG, and SLOOOOOWWWWW and I lost my Gazelle Motivation about the time we hit that big debt.

I'll be honest here too... for the last year or so I've been slipping back into old habits.  I put the debit card back in my wallet.... I started 'borrowing' from one envelope to pay another... I was (still am) TIRED of cooking ALL THE TIME and started sneaking in quick trips through the drive through here and there... and dates out with Mr. Measure because I'm throwing a little internal fit.

And honestly, I don't know what to do to get some intensity back.

I added up my little 'debit excursions' and honestly, we would be about $5,000 less in debt if it had all gone to the 2nd mortgage last year, rather than to McDonald's and junk we didn't need....

And that makes me mad.

McDonald's is doing JUST fine without me giving me their money (of course, not all of it went to them, but  way more did than I'd like to admit).  

So I guess I'm asking... anyone else been on this long, dry, arid road before?

What did you do to keep motivation, because my gazelle has been eaten...


  1. In general I am far more motivated by smaller goals. Is there any way you can break it up in your mind into smaller pieces? I feel like more is being accomplished that way.

  2. i am a big dave ramsey fan myself. my gazelle has been consumed, too. i found that listening to his radio show helps re-motivate me. i used to listen to him on the way home from work on a local am station. once i became a stay at home mom, i would listen while i made dinner. the radio station stopped playing him, so i now have to download the podcasts and be more intentional about listening to it. i don't do it well or often, but whenever i do listen to it, i am motivated to get that gazelle back.

  3. What about placing in a few incentives along the way to break up the massive goal. Perhaps if you get to a certain percentage - 5% or something, you could earn a "dinner out" or something in line with the amount you saved. I know I have to have smaller goals and sadly, I need rewards to even accomplish those! :)


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