Stone Soup for Five: Couch to 5k in status updates.

Couch to 5k in status updates.

Here is my couch to 5k Facebook status comments, all in one post.  It's funny to look back on them and see how hard running for 1 min was... and now I'm up to 30. Crazy because I have NEVER been a runner... and this program took me from NOTHING to 30 minutes of non stop running!


 I did it. Couch to 5k. My son did four of the run/walk cycles with me and then quit (which was totally fine) but I was over half way through it and just HAD to see if I could make it. The last two were killer, but Mr. Measure got home and joined me for them. He said my Airborne Shuffle was good and even did a cadence to encourage me. :o)

Just did day 2 of the couch to 5k. All the muscles in my legs are seizing up, but 
I kept thinking of all my friends who are physically struggling right now and kept being thankful that I can even do it (no matter how slow and awkward). And kept quoting in my head "The less I do, the less I can do".

Okay. Day 3 of the couch to 5k done. Mr. Measure went with. The whole left side of my calf is seized up. Legs shutting down. I need a fire, hot tea, and a book. Week One, DONE!


Day 1, second week done. My brisk walks were slow limps. BUT, it's done.

Week 2. Day 2. Done. My son ran with me the WHOLE time too! We shared fist bumps after each 90 second run. :o)

Couch to 5k, final run, week 2. Still hard, but I DID IT! (new running shoes made a HUGE difference!)


And now I shall die. Week three was harder than I've ever pushed myself. Especially that last three minute run. Did you hear that? THREE STINKIN MINUTES. All you real runners out there, I don't know how you do it. UGH.

W3D2 (week 3, day 2) of Couch to 5k done this afternoon... it is still HARD to do that 3 minute run (twice)... which actually sounds really lame, but is really HARD when you're pulling this much weight around. But tis DONE!

I know I'm still slow, but I did my best running today. I ran the inside loop of the track and the three minute run was one entire loop around the track. Adding in the two 90 second runs, I think I ran a combined total of almost 3/4 of a mile. Slowly, but more than I've ever run since I was 9yrs old.


C25k 4:1= Couch to 5k Week 4, day 1. Stats: My time was SLOW, but I did it. I ran for 16 min total. This week I'm running more than I'm walking. My short walk periods were more like dragging limps, but I. DID. IT!!! 
THIS week is the hardest I've ever pushed myself. 

I need an "I survived Day 2 of Week 4 Couch to 5k" Shirt. Ugh. Done.

I DID IT!!! Week four is behind me (not thinking about week 5). The last 15 seconds of the final run I pushed myself to run faster than I have before and was able to do it. It was only 15 seconds but Mr. Measure encouraged me that that was huge because it was showing I am conquering mind over body. Body exhausted but mind says go faster and it happened. (Mr. Perpetually in shape is out running another mile).


Okay. That was HARD. But, I DID it! Who would have thought I could run for five minutes straight, let alone THREE times of it?! The last 20 seconds I pushed myself to sprint and out ran my athlete. His old mamma, out pacing him. ♥ ♥ ♥ THAT was fun!

Today I "ran" for eight minutes. TWICE. I did NOT die or even have a stroke (which still shocks me). Toward the end of both eight minute runs I was quoting scripture like Beth Moore to make it through. ...wings of eagles... I can do all things... He gives strength to the weary. It was tough! But now I have another day off. GLORY HALLELUJAH!

***a little pre-run stress here:  I'm starting to think that I've reached the end of my abilities on this Couch to 5k trip. Tomorrow I have to run for 20 min straight... no walking. *head hits table*

Still too tired to be super excited yet, but I DID IT! I can now run for 20 min without stopping if I have to!!!!!


So today was two 5 min runs and one 8 min run in the middle. I though "Oh, I totally go this" and ran like a slow-motion Wonder Woman (faster than my normal) the first 5 min. The rest of the time I felt like I was going to throw up. But I did it. 18 min (or in my world, 18 miles) Done.

Week 6, Day 2 done. I'm feeling really wiped out today and ran about a 13 minute-ish mile. Today was two 10 min runs with a 3 min walk in the middle. It was hard. I was feeling really frustrated with myself until Mr. Measure reminded me that 6 weeks ago I was feeling this wiped after running 60 seconds. :o) Getting stronger!

I "ran" a little over a mile and a half today. WITHOUT STOPPING. My brain was screaming to stop and walk, especially since it was officially a rest day, but I did it. Slowly. Very slowly. :o)


***pre-run stress: Feeling a bit defeated and frustrated with the couch to 5k. I have to run 25 minutes today. I really do feel like I want to call it quits now, but I did 22 min last week, and I do want to see this through, but it's not getting easier doing these long runs... :o\ I will finish it though. WILL.

WEEK 7. DAY 1. DONE! 25 minutes = ALMOST 7 times around the track. Next run my goal is to make it over 7x around the track. Don't care how much or how little over, just OVER. Feel good now that it's over. It's totally a head game now.

Today was a HARD day to slog through. I was out of breath and almost panicking the first loop around the track, then slowed it down a bit and tried to get some sort of rhythm. After the first two laps, I started a bit of a game with myself where for the stretch of the bleachers I'd run faster than normal, and could slow it back down after the bleachers. It helped improve my time a bit as I made it further this time, but it was exhausting! W7D2. DONE.

Today I listened to my own music and figured I'd go around 7x just like last time. I felt sloppy and disjointed, but made it around! That's it for week 7!!


There was a huge difference between the 25 min run and the 28 min run. Those last three minutes were HARD. So very hard. I wanted to whine and cry, instead I was angry runner. Made it through. Done.

Mr. Measure just mapped our run and we ran 2.08 miles in 28 minutes. That's further than I've run without stopping AND faster (still slow) than before. I clocked it at a 13.5 minute mile. Getting stronger!! (still struggling with my attitude during the run though)

Finished 2 miles in the 28 min time frame. Had a little bit of throw up in my mouth at the beginning of mile 2, but plodded through (almost like Ranger training!). Had Decode by Paramore as my last song, so I could imagine I was running with Edward for that last quarter mile. *dork snort*


**pre-run stress: And the week of December 12th brings me to the last week of the Couch to 5k training program. This week is three 30 min runs. I really don't want to run. Not even a little bit. :o( BUT, I've made it this far...

2.36 miles in 30 minutes. Think I'll throw up now....

TWO AND A HALF MILES IN 30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is a 12 min mile EXACTLY!!! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! And I'm not dead yet!

**pre-run stress:  Seahawks won! Now time for a run. Corey and I are going to try for THREE MILES. If I can do it, that means the couch to 5k really did take me from ZERO running to 3 miles in 9 weeks. That would be awesome. We'll see...

AND, my FINAL run resulted in:

I. RAN. THREE. MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I wanted to punch Corey in the throat the last 10th of a mile though... I don't think I'm ready to run with nice people yet.)

I made it.  This program really works. Even though I am pulling around over 60lbs extra weight, I was able to do it.  I've never run more than half a block since I was about 8yrs old, and it took me from huffing and puffing after 60 seconds of running to making it through three miles.  


I don't know if I really LOVE running, but I do like that it's straight forward, I can strive to improve, it's simple, and I'm done in a half hour, knowing that I worked HARD for the whole time.

I'll keep running and try to improve my speed, and see what happens from there.

If you want more information, it's totally free here:  If you search for Couch to 5k on iTunes there are free podcasts you can download and there are even apps for smart phones too.

If I can do it, honestly, ANYONE can do it!


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