Stone Soup for Five: What I want.

What I want.

-I want is to live life ON PURPOSE.  Stop rolling along, passing the hours doing the urgent rather than focus on what is IMPORTANT.

-I want to truly BELIEVE God is who He says He is... and that He can do ANYTHING.  (Even change hearts of loved ones that seem near impossible to reach.)  Not to just know it, but to KNOW it.  And live it.

-I want to learn calligraphy and different handwritten fonts.

-I want to be able to teach my boys God's truth in a loving encouraging way.  To help them in their struggles in a positive way.  I want to learn how to see them how God sees them.  NOT and projects to fix, but as men to shape and mold into leaders and followers of Christ.

-I want to write an AWANA curriculum for our  AWANA group to teach God's truths to kids who are already bored with the same old Bible stories...  and not just writing mundane, dulled down stuff, but REAL truth, to prepare them for the tough, sinful world they'll be going into.

-I want God to make our AWANA group the very best it can be... to learn and grow from other leaders, the challenging kids, and mostly bring glory to the Lord through everyone's work for Him, because it's all by His grace anyway.  I'm tired of just being a warm body there, I want our group to LIVE and BREATHE and GET EXCITED about our HUGE God.

-I want to learn how to pray like God wants me to... how I SHOULD be praying.  To learn how to release that Holy Spirit who is all cramped up in my "I can do it myself" prideful self.

-I want to keep a Nature Journal and be able to name trees and plants and birds by looking at them.

-I want to BE.  To enjoy this season of life.  To thank Him for the crazy days of homeschool and the long nights of driving to and from youth group, AWANA, co-op, etc.  To be thankful each time I fill the gas tank, again, that I have boys to shuttle around.

-I want to learn how to use a big girl camera, and know what ISO and F-stop and all that cool techie stuff means (well, I guess I need to buy one first).

-I want to learn how to run.

-I want to know how strong my out of shape and flabby body can really be if I eat right and get the exercise I need.  I want to experience knowing physical strength, not just exhaustion and uncomfortably tight jeans.

-I want to stick with our Dave Ramsey budget and get that gazelle intensity back (and stop giving our hard earned money to McRipoff).

-I want to volunteer, and work alongside my boys and teach them the joy of serving others in this very me-first messed up culture.

-I want the Lord to change my stubborn, easily discouraged, go-to-everyone-and-every-book-first heart.  I want to know the kind of passionate faith that I see others THRIVING in.  Not just a mundane, weak head-knowledge, but a real RELATIONSHIP faith with my Jesus.

-I want to know how to teach my boys to lose the sense of entitlement they seem to be getting.

And I want the patience and organization skills to get to what I can, and wait for what is later.

Mainly though, I want to be able to organize the mundane things in life, stop wasting time with the time vampires (facebook, mindless surfing), and REDEEM my time so I can see some of these desires come to fruition.


  1. Love this Kari! I have so many of the same goals and desires... except I don't want to learn calligraphy and I don't know where or who McRipoff is...

    Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matt 6:33)

  2. What a heartfelt post. I see myself in so many of your "wants". I want to get get UNSTUCK so I can achieve some of my goals I stead if just dreaming about them...


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