Stone Soup for Five: Running the couch to 5k, week 7, day 2 Before, During, After

Running the couch to 5k, week 7, day 2 Before, During, After

Two days ago I ran (and I use that term in the loosest possible sense) the first week of the couch to 5k week 7.  All week this week I am to run for 25 min, with NO stopping or walking breaks.  On Monday, I did do it, but halfway through, I got a pretty bad stitch in my side and walked for about 15-20 seconds.

Today is day two.


Last time I made it around the high school track ALMOST seven times.  Today, my goal is to make it around the full 7 laps (DO NOT do the math on how excruciatingly slow that is).

Right now, before I change into my running shoes, my mind is FREAKING out again.  I don't want to do it, it is SO hard, I have to run a bit faster, I can't make it, this week STINKS, WHY am I doing this, etc etc etc.

So, I'm headed to change then to the track.
My stomach is getting a few knots.
But I WILL see this through.


I started running a bit faster than normal and had a mild panic when I was really sucking air 1/4 way around the track.  I slowed it down (so now I'm at a slow mo jog) and found a sort of rhythm.

My goal this time was to make it around the track at least 7 times, since last time I was about 50 yards short of 7 complete laps.  So I played a game with myself and said I'd run a little faster along the bleachers and then slow down for the rest of the loop, and it helped!

I finished the 25 min with 7 laps plus a bit.  It was hard though... and it is just a mind game at this point.

My mind is screaming STOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!  and I kept doing assessments... my legs don't hurt, my chest doesn't hurt, I don't have any stitches in my sides... it's just HARD. That's it.  Just HARD.  I have NO REASON to quit.  There is NOTHING wrong with HARD.

Mid way through lap 5 I did slow it down to a walk for about 20 seconds, but then picked it back up to a slow jog through to the end.


Right now I'm too tired to be really excited.  But I am glad to know that I CAN run for almost 2 miles now. True it's painfully slow, but like Laura on the podcast said, running isn't so much about speed as it is stamina and endurance.  And another site I was looking at said you should give yourself six months of running practice before  you really start to try to pick up speed.  Since this is only 7 weeks into it, I have time. :o)

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