Stone Soup for Five: New week, new goals, and another idea

New week, new goals, and another idea

I am the List Queen.  I just need my crown.  
And some way to keep track of all my lists.

On scraps of paper,
on my hand, 
in notebooks,
on church bulletins,
backs of receipts,
on post its...

but they ALWAYS get LOST.
Almost as soon as I write them. 
And what's a list queen without her list?

Well, a while back I saw an organization system (and now I can't remember where!) where I saw a super organized and ultra-together lady use post it notes for reminders on pages in a specific notebook she used for every facet of her life (work, personal, volunteering, etc)

And last week I kinda modified it to work on my planner that I always have open on my desk.


And you know what?

It worked!

I thought I'd really miss crossing things off my list... but now my goal is to empty my planner of post it notes by the end of each day, and... 

It was GREAT! 

Wadding up the post it and throwing it in the recycling was just as rewarding as crossing it off a list. 

So now I keep a pad of tiny post its in my purse.  
One in the kitchen
One in the dining room
And a couple on my desk with the planner and it pretty much has changed my life.

I also have a plan for making lists of things that are long range goals, and things I would love to do someday.
And I'll share later how I'm going to go about making that happen via post it notes.

But for now, I'm thrilled I've found a way to keep somewhat on top of things and not lose the lists I love to make!


  1. Love this idea!! I want to try it too!

    What planner/calendar do you use? I am on the hunt for a good one.

  2. Right now I have a big full sized 9x11 planner. Usually I just use one from the dollar store, but I kinda accidentally splurged this school year and got a $20 nice one. It's a DayRunner and I'm so glad I did! Very nicely laid out. My post its grew today and now my week is COVERED! I only got one off the day, but it's still fun!

  3. I remember making lists....AND the joy of crossing things off! Now, if I get 2 or 3 things done a day, I'm good!



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