Stone Soup for Five: In Spite Of...

In Spite Of...

It's Monday morning.

Homeschool Week 3

And I've failed already.

I let my son's sassy, crabby, bad-attitude change me into the same and here we are...  Opposite ends of the house because I don't want to be around him, and he, I'm sure, doesn't want to be around me.

and I'm not preserving the relationship.

But there are always these days, it seems.
Where someone in the house will wake up moody and sassy and it is all downhill from there.

It happened again last Friday night, when we were all out as a family bowling.  One of my boys got mad because he couldn't hit the pins.  Another was in a bad mood, and someone got their feelings hurt... 

And I remembered the words of the pastor we've been meeting with (who is raising 4 boys)

"You have to do family things IN SPITE OF...  You have to go do fun things together IN SPITE of someone punching someone else in the gut... IN SPITE OF someone forgetting their shoes, again.... IN SPITE OF reeking attitudes and anger and general rottenness."  --loose paraphrase


True it's not living how I WANT to live every day, in survival mode, but without these three words ringing through my head, I just want to give up.

This morning I did just that.
I got angry.
I got short tempered.
I got crabby right down to his level... and put another brick on the wall between us.

I need to apologize and go on with our day IN SPITE OF.

Lord, give me the strength to flow through my day with grace and mercy and do it IN SPITE OF any attitudes and actions of others.

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  1. Sending you love and prayers...I think Hollywood has alot to answer the movies the kids always love doing these fun things and we parents have great expectations due to these images BUTTTTTTTT...reality...taking the kids makes "fun things" no fun anymore...but yes IN SPITE OF this, we need to do it anyway.

    Love ya


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