Stone Soup for Five: This week in workouts

This week in workouts

So I'm going to come back to this post all week and update if I did my workout and how bitter/angry/happy I am. So if I don't post, you'll know I slacked.  Maybe this will help keep me accountable.

Monday: Made it kinda mostly through circuit one of Jillian's Beginners DVD.  Went too slow on some of the things and didn't make the full count.

Tuesday: Made it thru circuit 1, but doing BIG marching instead of jumping jacks (because my left heel is KILLING me) and did the beginner's level Anywhere Abs workout on my kindle that was TOUGH but cool (because it was on the kindle and only $1.99!)  Side plank and plank position are not my favorites.

Wednesday:  Woke up late.  Talked myself out of exercising.  Woke up again and dragged myself out of bed.  Talked myself out of exercising again.  Remembered I have to do this post and put on my workout clothes and dragged myself to Jillian in the DVD player.  Did 1 complete circuit (lasts approx 6 min) and wasn't feeling too tired and did the first round of the second circuit doing 15 out of the 30 jumping jacks.  Then did the ab workout on the Kindle and died with 10 seconds left on the plank and collapsed into a tired heap. But, it is done.

Thursday: Today didn't take as long to talk myself out of and back into working out.  All I had to think about was how I had made it through 3 days, and I didn't want to mess up my last two!  Today I did circuit 1 of the DVD and through 2 rounds of circuit 2.  Tomorrow is the big day where I do BOTH circuits through completely.  I know I can make it.  Though I HATE the bench dips on circuit 2.  My arms are so weak!  I didn't do the Kindle ab workout but might squeeze that in later today.  4 days down!

Friday:  Today Mr. Measure was home, so he did day 5 with me.  Today my goal was to get through 2 circuits.  It helped having him here... though he makes pushups look like it's FUN and FAST. >:o[  They are neither fun nor fast.  Guess it helps to have a military background and big arms.  I DID make it through two circuits though, and had the sweat to prove it.  The biggest problem for me remains pushups. Even girl pushups kill me.  And 30?  Jillian, you are insane.

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