Stone Soup for Five: Rethinking Stay At Home Mom

Rethinking Stay At Home Mom

Lately I've been really convicted about my priorities.

It's easy to list them.

I can even do it in order, memorized a long time ago.

1. Daughter of God
2. Wife
3. Mother

My top three.

Right there in order.

But, really?

In real life?

It's really more like this almost every single day:

1. Boys 
(home school, parenting books, advice, panic, stress)

2. God
(Bible study--quick, prayer if I remember/want to, short and not really sweet)

3. Wife
  (Corey gets the short end of the stick almost every day.  Pretty much I make dinner, say HEY then am off and running again.)

AND I'm reading a book by John Rosemond (I know... I know... another book), Family Building, and he brought up a wonderfully thought provoking statement.

Whatever happened to "housewife"?  Now everyone is a "stay at home mom".  

Our whole culture's focus has changed from God, Marriage, THEN kids.
To Kids, God, and then marriage... maybe. If we have time.

And I was so painfully convicted.

I don't carve out time to just BE with Corey.
We don't do date night.  Ever.
We don't walk into the store (or where ever we are going) together.
I'm always 2 or 3 or 20 steps ahead and busy busy busy.

THE most important thing we can do for our boys is let them see how much God 
and our marriage 
means to us. 

So I'm rethinking "stay at home mom" as my job description 
and changing it old school.

I am a Housewife.

Too old fashioned?


  1. Ouch. Punch to the gut.

    "just a housewife" has gotten SUCH a bad wrap that it always makes me feel almost ashamed to say it, when in actuality I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

    I LOVE being a housewife. Most of the time I love being a housewife a lot more than being a stay-at-home mom if I'm being honest. rearranging the priorities is definitely something we can all benefit from. Good stuff, Kari, thanks for sharing it!

    P.S. I'm so curious and I don't know how to find it on your blog, but how many kids do you have and are they all boys like mine?

  2. Okay, you're right. I just added a photo and blurb about me to the blog. Long overdue I guess. But yup, all boys, and really struggling with one of them who has me pretty much either near tears or near coronary. And you'd think I'd be on my knees more in light of that fact...

    Yup, I really love being a housewife too, but you'd probably never know it looking in on our lives. Today I was all set to greet with a smile and have dinner all ready, but in-your-face attitude happened, and... well, I'll get another chance tomorrow. Thank the Lord for His mercies!

    How are you doing??

  3. Wow, I hadn't thought about it quite like that. I agree. I am a house wife too! Or at least I will try harder to be..

  4. Wow. I have never thought about the transition of the title Housewife to SAHM. It is definitely a reflection of our kid-first culture.

    I'm sure it depends a lot on what time a husband gets home from work, but that first half hour after mine walks in the door has become my favorite time of the day. If we don't have something going on that evening, we typically plop down across from each other in the living room (often with a cup of reheated coffee--just keeping it real!) and debrief.

    I realize not all husbands are talkers like mine, but I think having at least a short time to chat after work--without kids--is key in keeping us connected. Yes, the kids do interrupt us a bit, but we make it clear that this time is a priority. Then they can wrestle with dad when we're done. :)


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