Stone Soup for Five: Homeschool Jitters

Homeschool Jitters


We're doing it.

I'm homeschooling full time this year.

My 13, 12, and 8 yr old boys.


And I've freaked out
cried (a lot)
been angry
re-thought through it a million different ways

And realized this is just what I have to do right now.
And tried not to be bitter about it.

There are things that excite me about it, mainly because we'll take a break from the intense pace needed to keep the class plowing through the books even if someone doesn't understand.  AND I love the fact that we'll be able to focus on the "fun" aspects with more hands on activities instead of fill in the blanks.  AND that we'll be able to really spend time on character building--which is GREATLY needed around here.

BUT, I was still kicking against the goads and crying out to God because I mostly didn't want to do it (for purely selfish reasons).

After whining to a lot of my friends about it, and realizing I just need to plow through and suck it up and get it done... one friend made all the difference.

Her two little sentences changed my whole direction, attitude, and heart.

She said:  "You gotta at least try it! Quit planning and have fun."

So true.  So what I needed to hear. 
Let go.  Let God.

Today I'm thankful for:

#251. Friends who remind me of the FUN in things and to seek it out
#252. That I have the privilege to homeschool if I want to.
#253. For different experiences and different seasons of life.

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