Stone Soup for Five: Before and After--For Reals

Before and After--For Reals

When we got back from camping I posted BEFORE pics of our return-home-and-unload-house-thrashing session.  I thought it would be incentive for me to get the house in shape to post beautiful and clean after pictures that same day.

After 20 gazillion loads of laundry
and 5 lbs of sand in the washer and dryer and floor
I hit the wall.

So I figured the NEXT day I could finish, and post gorgeous AFTER pics
(you know how things are almost always so beautiful in your head... then you realize no one else lives in your head?)

So after the third day of hoping to get my house magazine worthy, I realized something.

My house is NEVER magazine worthy.

We decorate from the Goodwill Outlet.
We have second and third hand furniture.
We need new carpet.
BUT, we are blessed.
In this mess.
Snapshots of blessing

Two boys who are usually bickering non-stop playing wii together after spending hours playing together. 
(And removing the decorative balls from the decorative bowl for their finger skateboards.  They SO don't understand home decor.)

TOGETHER. That's huge.

Blessed mess.

Dining room with houses from playing "City". 
Hutch open from grabbing watercolors and paper for an art project.
Thankful stars on post it notes on the wall.

Blessed Mess.

Sudden art project on a big roll of paper.
Held down by the closest pair of my flip flops.
Smack in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Blessed Mess.

Mostly clean kitchen after lunch and water color project.  
(Never you mind about that loaf of french bread by the coffee pot and cube of butter by it... never. you. mind.)

The book on tape, "Mr. Tucket", that we enjoyed on the way to and from camping.

Menu calendar planned and shopped for.

Blessed mess.

Laundry room free of dirty laundry for 1/2 day.
Thankful for working machines and clean clothes.

Blessed Mess.

Office/Studio that will hopefully NEVER be clean and organized.
This is my creative area and when I create, things clutter.
I'm so thankful for the crazy mess of it all because it means I'm working at a job I absolutely LOVE, I get to be creative, and home with the boys.

Blessed Mess Indeed.

Someday I'll have a spotless house.
I'll clean and it'll stay clean.
I'll polish the windows,
dust the furniture,
and sit down in a quiet house.

But for now it's full of 







and I hope, Joy.

Blessed Mess.


  1. Love, love, love this one...
    Blessed Mess.
    That's what I've got over here right now (with no good camping excuse :)
    Side note--loved The Help--saw it Wed. night.

  2. thank you for the "for reals" is encouraging to others like me! :)


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