Stone Soup for Five: Back into WW for the week... with a side of Jillian

Back into WW for the week... with a side of Jillian

New Goals for this entire week, starting today (should have started yesterday, but we went to the fair, and though I didn't eat an entire corndog --just one bite-- or an entire elephant ear (about 1/3 of one) I didn't write down everything.

I've been having a real hard time figuring out how many points are in casseroles, or things like that, so I kinda gave up last week... But I think I found a way around that.  Since I'm not going to meetings or doing the online program, I can't use the recipe builder on the WW site, BUT, I can enter and post the recipe on and they have an automatic nutrition count on the recipe when you are done.  So I'll post the hard recipes for this week on there and then use my handy little calculator from WW to figure points!

I am also going to make it a point to work my way through the entire 6 circuits on Jillian Michaels for Beginners DVD eventually.  This week I want to make it through two.

Jillian for beginners
 As it stands right now, I can't make it through one circuit.  

BUT today I did most of circuit two, and learned a secret you wouldn't know unless you skipped through like I did.  In circuit two instead of jumping jacks, she has the girl march in place with BIG HIGH KNEES.  And through the other circuits she said it is perfectly fine to march in each circuit until you get stronger.  OR you can do jumping jacks with your arms bent and barely moving and just little hops, and the same with jump rope.  Just little hops instead of big jumps.

Goal this week:
Make it through 2 circuits at one time marching instead of jumping.
Write down everything BEFORE I take that first bite.

Total weight lost so far: 7.1lbs
Start date June 11
Current date August 1  
Average is about 1 lb a week.
I can do better. I know I can.


  1. Best of luck!

    I've heard her workouts are AMAZING!

    Let me know how you find for nutritional stuff.. I tried one of those websites once but after I filled in the recipe it expected me to count up all the calories etc myself haha such a fail.

  2. I have a of Jillian DVDs, but never heard of this one. Try the 30 day shred, beginners can do it and it kicks butt!

  3. You go girl! Today is day 1 for me re-starting the Diet Solution Plan. It's not really a "diet" (I guess that's the solution part) because there is no counting or calculating, but for the first six weeks its pretty limited on wheat and dairy and no sugar. I love sugar.

    I'm so proud of you for doing the JM videos. She is not for sissies! You can do it :)


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