Stone Soup for Five: Jar Salad

Jar Salad

I stumbled across a blog a while back called Salad in Jars and couldn't wait to try it!  She has loads of great eating information on her site and a post that shows the lettuce kept in different ways and how to make yours last over 2 weeks in jars!

You need a Food Saver or Vacuum Sealer, a wide mouth jar attachment (which I picked up at BiMart for $9.99), jars, and lettuce.

I picked up the BIG bag of Costco Romaine lettuce (such a great price, but we could never get thru it all before it got limp and rusty).

I had the sealer that has been languishing in my garage for years, and am excited to dig it out (I know, I should be using it all the time... but I don't).

I rinsed, dried, and chopped up the lettuce,
Stuffed it into 1/2 gallon jars,

Hooked up the sealer and they were done!

I won't bother resealing each jar once I open it because we'll eat it within a day or two.  So it won't be a big drag-everything-out-and-do-it-again job.

Pretty to look at and if they last two weeks that'll be awesome!

Today is July 30th.  Nine days since I made the half gallon salad in jars.
It's gone.
That's good and bad.
Good because we ate so much salad that it didn't last close to two weeks, bad because I didn't get to see if it really could last two weeks, but when I opened that last jar and it was just as crisp and sweet and fresh as the first, I have NO DOUBT that it'll last for even another 9 days.
(just be sure that they don't get shoved to the back of the fridge if your refrigerator tends to freeze things way back there like ours does.) 
THIS is how I'll be storing lettuce from now on.
Love it!


  1. Here she has her experiment and towards the bottom she says it's a must to have jars rather than bags.

  2. No kiddin! I have never heard of such a thing and now I am intrigued. I wish I had a vacuum sealer, and that is the first time I've ever said that.


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