Stone Soup for Five: Hazards of Computer Brain

Hazards of Computer Brain

I'm reading through the book The Shallows, and have posted about it before.  And as I'm reading I'm blown away by how complex our brains are and what a creative and intelligent God I serve.

But there are actually arguments for both sides about the change the internet and media are doing to our brains.  Some people see it as positive mainly because we can learn more, faster than ever before.

But I see too many hazards in it for me personally.  I can tell I am way more impatient with just about everything. Always in a hurry. Skimming, skipping, clicking on the computer. But I'm also impatient in real life too...

Things like:

into the store (or where ever we are going) WAY ahead of Corey and the boys because they take SO STINKIN' long to get out of the car.  
Then blasting through the store as quick as possible, 
leaving them in my wake, 
to hurry through it,
to get to the next thing.
Which often isn't anything important anyway.

This is time missed.  Time I could be talking to the boys or Corey about what they like. Having them help me with decisions, conversation, holding hands.

is also a hazard.  
I want to accomplish so much that I find myself multi-tasking.
A while ago it was deemed a virtue to be able to 
do many things at once.
But for me I find it often just
means I'm in a rush,
I drop
or break things,
forget what I'm doing,
burn things,
lose the joy of the DOING.

There really is joy in concentrating on one thing
and finishing it well.

Like when I'm cooking dinner, I need to be taking the time to focus and force myself to clean up as I go, and sit down to eat with a relatively clean kitchen.  Invite one of the boys in to work with me, talk to them while teaching... Concentrating fully on dinner at the time I'm preparing it.  AND taking the pause before eating to thank God for the abundance of food. 
(yes, I'm ashamed to say we often don't pray before meals anymore.)

Or opening my eyes to the beauty around me instead of quickly marching through mundane chores.

But instead stopping, pausing, and thanking God for 

a home to do chores in,

a family to clean up after,
money to pay the bills,

what a marvel it is to have fresh, clean water to wash in.

Yes, as I'm thinking about Computer Brain, I am finding there really are problems in my wanting information faster, quicker, instantly.  

It's not good for me or my family.

Intentional Living is NOT a side effect of Google.

or Facebook.

or Twitter.

(but I won't include blogs here, just because so many of you encourage me, help me, grow me, challenge me, and are just beautiful to pause and look at.)



  1. Wow... I love your blog! I needed the reminder to be intentional today (and every day!!).

    You were sweet to comment on my recent post... I am new to this whole blogging world, so it is fun to start making connections. I hope I can find the balance between using this as a healthy outlet to reflect on life while at the same time not getting too sucked into the worm hole! I can see that it could pose a challenge for me!

    Take care...

  2. LOVE this! You're keeping me looking and movin' in the right direction.
    Can't wait to dive into the book...I'm making myself finish a couple others through first...


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