Stone Soup for Five: The Aibileen Project

The Aibileen Project

I just finished reading (well, actually listening to it, from the Book on CD borrowed from a friend) "The Help".

It was such a good story and I loved it, especially listening to it acted out by so many different voice actors.  Wonderfully done!

But there was one point in the book that kept coming up 
that really REALLY spoke to me. 

Aibileen, the black maid was basically raising a little girl, Mae Mobley, whose parents she worked for.  But Mae Mobley wasn't exactly the apple of her mother's eye.  Her mom never showed her much love, and Aibileen decided to try an experiment with her by telling her one positive thing every day.  And  having Mae Mobley repeat it back to her.

Several times in the story Aibileen would look Mae Mobley right in the eyes and say

"You a smart girl.  
You a kind girl.  
You are important."

And Mae Mobley would repeat it back.

As you may know, I have three boys.  

Three boys who I love VERY much.
Three boys with VERY different personalities.

One of my sons is at a difficult time in his life, 
just turning thirteen,
and he challenges me almost daily.

Sometimes, I admit, I have a hard time showing him love.

Especially when he is fighting me
arguing about everything
stomping away
muttering under his breath.

But, dear Lord, I love that boy SO much!
So much it hurts.

But on trying days, I never remember to tell him that I love him.

And as I sit here, 
finished with the book,
I realize I don't tell ANY of my boys positive things enough.

I TRY to.

I'd like to think I do it daily.

But, I know I don't.

So I'm initiating 
"The Aibileen Project"

For the rest of this summer I'm going to stop once a day,
with each boy

I will make it a point to tell them.
And TOUCH them when I say it
either a hand on the arm, or a hug.
And look them IN THE EYE.

To my oldest 

who struggles with being kind 
and is easily irritated, 
I'll tell 
"You are a kind person."

To my middle son, 

who is easy going, 
and often lost in the craziness of the other two 
I will tell
"You are so important."


To my youngest,

who is outgoing 
and sensitive
I will tell 
"You are so smart".

And of course I'll mix it up.

But I will make it a point to 




and to daily tell them something


  1. what a great idea! i JUST started that book too! :)

  2. I love that book... one of my favorites! This is a great idea... looking forward to taking up the challenge to encourage my children daily in this way.

  3. I love this! I need to do this! Thank you for your Aibileen Project!


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