Stone Soup for Five: Weight Watchers --Week 2

Weight Watchers --Week 2

So, the second week of really doing WW has finally shown some results!!  I worked hard this week on staying IN my points and didn't get invited out to dinner or lunch, which helps! LOL

Week 2 results: -2 lbs  
Total: -2 lbs

Here are a few of my meal pictures.  This week I'm going to try to take a few pics of lunch and dinners too. 

I have found out that my hungry/starving time is in the mornings.  So I do good to eat about a 6pt breakfast, then a couple 3 pt snacks with fruit... If I can make it through lunch, I'm great after that.  I'm excited to be learning stuff like this!

 Bagel thin with light cream cheese, 1 egg/1egg white omelete with ham and a sprinkle of cheese, banana
7pt breakfast

 1 cup cream of wheat, 1 Tbs brown sugar, fresh fruit, 1 cup 1% milk

 1 egg/1egg white omelet with ham and sprinkle of cheddar, fresh fruit, 1 cup 1% milk

 English muffin, 1 egg, 3 slices lean lunchmeat ham
5 pts

and wouldn't you know it, my wonderful husband went to Amish country for a work trip this week and brought me back TWO boxes of homemade Amish fudge.  Luckily I'm not a HUGE fudge fan, so a sliver taste was enough.  Now if he had brought back a loaf of bread? I'd have blown everything in 1 hour! 

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