Stone Soup for Five: Weight Watchers and changing everything

Weight Watchers and changing everything

I started Weight Watchers 4 days ago (and of course, since that day, I've been invited to lunches/dinner out every. single. day.  Figures.)

Anyway, eating Points Plus style is going to be a total change in my shopping and thinking.

I went last week for my bi-weekly BIG trip, but realized I can't eat smarter with what I had in the house.  So I went back again and stocked up on fresh and frozen fruits and veggies.

It ran $73 but also included staples we were out of like milk, eggs, cereal, bread, etc.

So, eating this way will either take some additional planning or changing the budget to allow for what I need.  I'm growing a garden and that will help... and I'll be picking berries all summer with the boys to freeze and can.

But, I'm excited and hopeful!  We'll see.


  1. Hey- I love your header! So pretty :)

  2. Best of luck!

    I found starting healthy eating was the most expensive bit. Once buying the healthy things became routine and you have an idea how much of what you'll need for a week it's not much different in price from my old week's shop.


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