Stone Soup for Five: Weekly Planning -- June 26

Weekly Planning -- June 26

I gotta get back to weekly planning. 
I usually never meet my goals, but at least I have a rough plan to follow.

 I want to take a pic of week's end and post it to see how I did. 
Maybe that'll motivate me even more?

This is my weekly habit/goals list for all the things I really want to get done.

And this is my daily schedule to give me a rough idea of what I "could" be doing when--though I never really follow it to a T, but it helps me be more productive... and I love productivity.  If I follow it pretty good, I will have time to read, blog, work, do home projects, play, and relax!  But I'm good with going with the flow too.  I think of it as my assistant rather than my boss.

On the right side it has Themes for my days.
The themes for menu planning work really well for me, so I thought I'd try it for daily themes too.
i.e. Monday is my day to do 15 min of extra work in the kitchen AND to go shopping and do some menu pre-prep work.

Down the middle is the goals I'm trying to reach this summer. Important things like spending one on one time with the boys, shutting off the computer, weight watchers/exercise, etc.

So I'll try to update this post with the marked off lists at the end of the week and see how I did!

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