Stone Soup for Five: Summer cooking lessons

Summer cooking lessons


This morning my youngest woke up and wanted a cookbook... and not a kid's cookbook either. A REAL cookbook.

And he wanted to cook.

So I backed off my micro-managing ways and just let him have free reign.
He chose omelet roll (which I made once before and he didn't eat more than one bite, and he didn't like... but I didn't say anything) to make first.

He did great!

I was the sous chef for him, and rolled the hot omelet up and plated it.

Ryan's comment: Absolutely delicious! He and Nate ate almost all of it, but Aaron wouldn't try it. I empathized with Ryan about how sad it is when I make something and they refuse to eat any of it too... and Ryan said "Ohhhh... THAT'S how you feel. Wow. Sorry Mom!"

After mastering the omelet he moved onto the refrigerator doughnuts.  

Cheap biscuits fried and dipped in sugar and cinnamon.  

I know, not the healthiest breakfast treat, but who am I to get in the way of a kid who wants to learn how to cook?  I figure we can move on to healthier options later.

It was so fun that he initiated cooking, and had a lot of fun doing it.

I really love the hidden lesson learned too about being thankful for food others cook for you.



  1. Awwwh! The omelet is seriously impressive! I still struggle to get them to look right and I've been playing about in the kitchen for years haha

  2. Love his comment about "that's how you feel" :)
    Wow--I'm loving the refridge. donuts too...ours would think that was really fun!


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